Our Projects

We present some of our concept creations and projects compiled together. Interior design has quickly become a highly complex field with designers attempting to outdo each other in any way possible.

At Amoracasa we believe in simplicity and strive to achieve an amalgamation of design and functionality. We prefer natural light over artificial, natural design over the forced addition of unnatural visual clutter. We love the wisdom and visual charm of classical design and the convenience of smartly integrated modern technology. 

At Amoracasa we strive to reach the rarified heights of design that is elegant and democratic enough for everyone.

The Blue Room

The Blue Room was created for a young family. The design is a bold take on classical design with some contemporary design elements adding panache to the whole apartment. Take for example the black wall segment introduced in the master bedroom and the “Soaked” bedside tables which seem like they are floating against the black background. 

A testament to the skills of the Amoracasa Design team, the Blue Room as we lovingly call it is a magnificent design effort.

The Expansive Family Home

Designed to be a colorful and contemporary family home, this stylish high ceilinged apartment belonging to a retired civil servant needed a dash of color.

With an emphasis on comfort and luxury demanded by a retired couple, we conceptualized this apartment to be a contemporary home with all the trappings of good old-fashioned Maison Luxueuse. 

Bold colors, fashionable wallpapers, optimized usage of available space, and chic furniture combined to make this the most comfortable of concept homes.

The Svelte Apartment Concept

This beautiful concept flat developed for a major construction house is an exercise in graceful optimization.

With design and functionality being foremost in mind, Amoracasa has worked with a German Kitchen manufacturer to complete a super stylish design aesthetic. 

The stylish, yet comfortable furniture fills the apartment with warmth. The kitchen area is comfortable and designed with efficiency in mind. 

The bedrooms have been optimized and designed for extreme comfort and the bathrooms are a work of art.


The Smart Bedroom

Effective optimization of space is not a big challenge, however graceful optimization definitely is. 

The Smart Bedroom concept is designed to scale in capability as your child grows. The design retains its charm despite being highly functional and utilizes all available space for storage without cluttering your line of sight. 

This design leaves ample space for the child to grow in. The versatility of the available storage options and the separate study niche is clearly demarcated and sets a very different tone. This a space any child would love to grow in.

The Opulent Home

Modern compact homes make it very difficult for a designer to strike a balance between opulence and functionality.

With this particular concept, we have achieved the right balance between luxury and optimization.

With the correct placement of contemporary and stylish furniture, effective lighting, and the correct use of a dash of color, we have converted this not so large space into a luxurious and opulent living area for a small family.

The Home of the Doves

The home of the doves as we lovingly call this project is the dream home for a young couple with a small child. 

We chose a classical design with traditional wainscoting and a lot of greys and an off-white palette.

The home is cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. With plenty of natural light and strategically placed color components, the home of the doves remains one of our favourite projects.